This newsletter deviates from the usual one herb, one illness format to focus on Sprouts.

Food insecurity is with us---mono crops, petro - chemical fertilizers and pesticides are the norm for the past years and we continue as though we can do nothing about it.
Insecure because of the lack of nutrition and soul in our foods, we take vitamins, minerals and whatever else the mass media, medical profession, dieticians and sister poep-hol on the radio prescribe and these experts are not even trained in medicinal food properties. What are we becoming? A world of believers --- I believe, therefore I eat: the best-advertised gunk.

To do something to improve the quality of the food we eat does not take much effort. "Doing Does It."

Herbs are only one of the preventative ways of keeping healthy. Consider the humble Sprout.


A live vegetable that will grow in any climate; Rival most in nutritional value (and tomatoes in Vitamin C); Matures in three to five days;
May be planted any day of the year; requires neither soil nor sunshine; has no waste; can be eaten raw
Dr Clive Mcay formulated this advertisement as a description of sprouts

Fresh fruit and veg has become expensive just look at the price of apples and tomatoes --- the Dow Jones and Jhb stock exchange do not mirror the state of the economy - nope - "you feel it in your fingers and you feel it in your bones."

Sprouts have arrived! Running riot through the shops, supermarkets, vegetables, disguised in white coats, infiltrating hospitals and feeding nutritional Vitamins and salts to the patients. Striding aloof into hotels and restaurants, turning simple salads into crunchie munchies.

Sprouts, gaily hopping into geriatric homes plonking themselves on the plates, announcing brightly to the aged that they have arrived to share with them their secret REJUVENATING factor found only in living food cells. What a hullabaloo they cause as the old folks get up to all sorts of pranks.

Wild wheat, hearing the moans of a childless couple, whirred round the room intoning a song of FERTILITY. We have Vitamin Eî sang he ìIf it is children you want, use it regularly.

The gang, togged up in boots and shorts, wove their way into the changing rooms singing Sarie Ma sprout. The showers stopped, the coach fainted. Grabbing the ball and throwing it around with sprouting skill, they delivered their message in deep baritones especially for the occasion.


We are the source of natural sugars, for quick high energy, for pep and zip, do yourself a favor, and put sprouts to the lip.Popping up from under crisp lettuce leaves and juicy tomatoes, giving brilliant speeches, Loquacious Lentil replaced lost CALCIUM, PHOSPHOROUS and IRON.

At a serious pow wow, Able Alfalfa suggested they issue a press release to inform the public of their high Vitamin content. Lentil and Mung decided to concentrate on Vitamin E and B12 while Fenugreek was into emphasizing Vitamin C.

Chick pea and Green pea proposed a toast and they all dedicated themselves to health and rejuvenation for all mankind.

Fertility and Vitamin E

For some time Vitamin E has been heralded as being the fertility Vitamin. Most foods today contain none or very little Vitamin E Up to 90% of the Vitamin E is lost in the commercial processing of foods, flaking, shredding and puffing.
Wheat is one of the few available sources of Vitamin E.
The quality of the Vitamin E is greater in the sprouting seed than in the wheat germ.
People who will need restored virility and fertility should revert to a diet of sprouts. Vitamin E can be bought in pill or wheat germ form yet are lifeless. Whereas sprouts contain a living source .

There are reports of cases of male impotence that do resolve completely following the withdrawal of use of aspartame use. Aspartame may cause male Impotence

Monsanto, a chemical giant controls most of the world seed supply --- mainly genetically modified standard varieties that do not take into account environmental conditions and future genetic damage to mankind - an experiment that none in their right mind would agree to except that executives of Monsanto occupy controlling positions in the US government agricultural world including the FDA and so influence planting in most countries of the world. Following the way of power hungry billionaires is not fruitful.
When chosing seeds to sprout, always check if they are genetically modified.

Some sane people in Europe, Mexico, Peru and other countries have banned modified seed for planting crops. South Africa is too short sighted, probably some greasy politicians have had their Swiss account fattened and gave the go ahead thinking; Stuff the people who elected me, I am here for 5 years and need to make enough to sit on my fat arse after raping the country. If you consider that unlikely, great, turning a blind eye is often more soul enhancing than trying to understand the mechanism of greed and ignorance rife in our earthly society.

Selection Of Sprouting Seeds

There are many types of seeds available for sprouting. If you have never tried sprouting before, you would do well to experiment with a few basic seed types until you find what you like.

Lentil seed is usually fresh, available from the supermarket and is a fine seed to start with.

Sprouting Equipment

There are a number of manufactured sprouters on the market. They vary in shape and size from a multi-tiered model to a glass jar with a fitting plastic- or steel-meshed lid.
The principle is the same for all sproutings. Wet the seed during the sprouting process twice a day and immediately drain the water properly.

Homemade sprouters are just as effective. Use a jam jar (or bigger), a piece of muslin and a rubber band to hold the muslin onto the jar top.

A colander with a piece of hessian to keep the seeds damp and prevent drying of the damp seeds will also work

How To Grow Sprouts

1. Place the amount of seed overnight in a container or jar filled with water. The seedsí size will increase many times over during the soaking and sprouting process.

2. Discard the water or use it for cooking since it has many minerals and salts.
Only use the water if the seed is organic.
Screw on the lid or cover the jar with a piece of muslin held in place by a rubber band.
Keep the jar in a cool darkish place - direct sunlight is not suggested.

3. Water the seeds twice daily, shaking gently so the contents are equally washed.

4. Empty the excess water through the lid.

Some people find it easier to keep the jar inverted, so that excess water does not accumulate in the bottom of the jar.
Keeping the jar free of excess water is important as the water could cause the seeds to rot.

Indoor Vegetable Sprout Garden

here are 2 ways depending on what is available.

1. Planting in soil using seed of various greens. A delicious mix for salad and sandwiches can be grown with ease. Use Sunflower, Mustard, Cress, Coriander or Radish seed and most leafy vegetable seed.
Prepare a patch of earth in any container or in the garden. The most practical way is to fill an old tomato box or plastic container with holes, with soil. The spot may be in any shaded or sunny area, not in a dark area.
To sow, scatter the seed thickly on the bed and cover with soil. If open in the garden, cover the spot with orange bags or netting since after planting, the birds are very fond of these seeds and find the spot amazingly quickly. The seeds are easily obtained from pet shops, health shops and supermarkets.
The spot may be in any shaded or sunny area, not in a dark area.
Quantities of 100gms would be enough for a month’s supply of scrumptious saladgreens.

2. Planting in water.
Use the tops of radish, carrots, turnip and beetroot. Most root vegetables may be sprouted so. Trim the
leafy part of the vegetable and cut so that about 2cm of flesh of root remains attached. Place in a dish with
water to the level of the flesh of the root. The green tips will regrow supplying fresh saladgreens


How Much Of The Seed To Use When First Starting To Sprout

Here is an easy guide for measuring the amount of sprouts to use for a Jam Jar size container.



Fresh fruit and vegetables, through the nature of a government intoxicated with itself and its ruinous solution to anything worthwhile, will become much more expensive.

Did you know that if a farmer employs someone and supplies them with a house, free electricity and water and that person's work is substandard, the farmer has to supply that rotten egg with a house etc in order to get rid of him or her, not to mention monetary payment. It is strange that farmers are mechanising and do not want to employ more labour. The laws are beginning to backfire as they would, when made by assholes.

A farm wage subsidy would encourage farmers to employ more labour instead in its usual unthinking manner; government has created job losses leading to more crime.

Food Preparation

For salads, sprouts are washed and then added raw into the salad either incorporated as part of the mixture or as a garnishing.
When mixed into the salad, sprouts add crunch and taste. Lentils and maple peas have a nutty flavour and earthy tastes.

Mung and pea sprouts have a pea like flavour. Fenugreek is slightly pungent to the taste. Alfalfa is slightly fruity and delicately formed.
Greens such as mustard and cress, turnip, and radish have sharp tastes according to the plant type. Sunflower sprouts tastes like a cross between the taste of an orange and a chestnut.

The cooking of sprouts is quite simple. To every dish you would like to add sprouts to, be it soups casseroles or stews, the sprout should be added last--just before he completed preparation in order that the texture be retained. It is not a good idea to cook sprouts too long-

Being a vital vegetable they are best eaten closest to their raw state.

Low fat, high fiber, no cholesterol, much Vitamin A and C, high protein---sprouts have a lot to recommend that it be a part of the daily diet especially in countries of a low level of food availability. Dr Burkholder of Yale University concludes: If the food value of germinated seed is to be judged by their content of Vitamins and readily available amino acids then it appears that the common use of sprouts in the diet of the oriental people rests on a sound nutritional basis and should be introduced in a large scale amongst occidentals.î

A good diet of sprouts and good food with proper food combinations, allowing for adequate supplies of Vitamins and Minerals to the body would reverse any adverse health situation.

When dealing with a breakdown in one aspect of the body health, it may be wise to treat the whole system rather than focus on a single organ or system. In this way mixtures of herbs may work more effectively than a single herb—some helping with elimination and detoxing.Our mixtures contain herbs, which do all that and fortify the mineral and vitamin supply hence providing a more complete healing process with no side effects.

In the next newsletter we will deal with Fennel in the series called Kitchen wise - talking about medicinal properties of the usual herbs found in the kitchen.

The process of cutting a herb generates heat so the finer the cut of the herb so too does the potency diminish that little bit. So I recommend the rough tea cut rather than teabags even though it appears to be a mission to make in the rush rush everyday world.

Guidance with professional health practitioners from the naturopath, sangoma, dietician, alternative healer to a MD is an responsible course of action when dealing with any substance affecting your health.

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