An overview of different herbal realities focusing on the medicinal value of plants, indigenous herbs of South Africa and aspects of the herbal industry that affect the person in the street.
Since time does not allow most of us to read long newsletters, this newsletter will only deal with one herb at a time starting with the series kitchenwise and streetwise.


Kitchen-wise-Medicinal herbs in the kitchen
Flu - Influenza


Indian Saffron; Yellow Ginger, Borrie
Curcuma longa

A quick fix is not what herbs are about- Quick fixes abound--- Prevention is the quickest fix.
Finding a way to use herbs preventatively without it being that extra hassle in the day is what it is about. Some people take to herbs immediately, others find the healing effects accumulate over time – most experience a beneficial effect.
Loose tea may be a tiresome process for some, so a teabag and for some a capsule or tablet and for .the chef in the house it could be added to the food.
Every time you create a curry dish and add borrie, you are putting a really potent anti-inflammatory and natural liver detoxifier into the food – done naturally as we learnt effortlessly from our Asian ancestors ---- and the healing properties are quietly distributed to the family with no side effects.

The amazing effect in arthritis is due to the anti inflammatory property.
Turmeric has a special ingredient called Curcumin, which is responsible for most of its healing properties.

Like most herbs Turmeric multi tasks and its beneficial effect on brain power due to the Curcumin is used to treat Alzheimer’s disease. May be why the incidence in India is so low.
Mixed with cauliflower it is used for the treatment and prevention of prostate cancer.

It just seems unlikely that one herb can do so much----Believe it, scientific research has shown it also decreases bad cholesterol and has a beneficial effect in thrombosis. It strengthens the blood.

The healing properties read like science fiction and it has been used for 1000s of years with no negative press; stained some nations yellowish and still going strong and will continue until some pharmaceutical company gets the F.D.A and W.H.O to ban it.

It stimulates bile so don’t use in gall bladder illness. It is currently being tested for use in HIV and will certainly be more effective than a shower.
Curcumin has big time anti tumor properties and is very effective in preventing cancers of breast, duodenum, colon, stomach, mouth, skin and prostate----it increases the production of P53 protein (substance that makes cancer cells commit suicide). It beautifies the skin used as a paste.

The cherry on the top is its property of increasing antibodies and stimulating the immune system. The aftereffects of some kinds of chemo are lessened.
As a natural antioxidant it ranks in the top 3.
This yellow powder that hangs round the kitchen is really superherb in disguise and there are other superheroes also sitting at the back of the cupboard.
Add a pinch to salads; the yellow colour is not so bad.
So what’s with this yellow potato salad, china? Too many eggs?


It would be best to get a source of high quality organic turmeric or use a supplement from a health shop that does not have additives A pinch of chilli powder with turmeric is good, it helps absorption. Curcumin is also found in cumin seeds.

Amounts of 500 to 2000mg Curcumin are fine for a daily requirement.

Some orthodox medication may have side effects but work usually quickly so why bother to take herbs or watch the food one eats? - Herbs provided the cures used in the dark ages and in the 21st century, science provides.
Science provides for big business.
Science is expensive and mostly not accountable---it says enough if you recall the days when the doctor actually made house calls to examine the patient—the visit and the trust imbued by the family doctor was part of the cure and totally normal. In comparison, what you get today sucks and is also normal for our time.

So taking your cure into your own hands and accepting responsibility for your wellness empowers you.
Organic medication has little if any side effects, easily obtained at minimal cost and easy to take with a bit of self-discipline.
Get self-sufficient health wise, it is a trip worth taking.

Oft said that “Food is your medicine” and with a little bit of help from your friendly herbs, you can eat your way to health.

Its ok to take any herb by itself, yet when mixed with care with other healing herbs a really powerful combination may result--Prevention is better than cure.

In the next newsletter we will deal with Wilde Als in the series called Street-wise-talking about medicinal properties of herbs found growing in the streets, garden and the wild.

Influenza (Flu)

Flu is a contagious viral disease

We have so many items in our kitchen that could make a difference in the prevention and handling of Flu.
Likely you may have—Sage, Thyme, Bay, Celery or Cinnamon in the back of the kitchen cupboard.
Either one or as a mixture in tea or food is beneficial.
In a world gone mad with health schemes and insurance, a cup of thyme, sage and cinnamon tea with a dash of lemon can make a difference.

Selenium is a very serious big time health substance that does so much it would need 3 newsletters just to cover the health benefits. It acts as an antiviral, anti cancer, anti inflammatory, anti retroviral, sorts the blood system, nervous system and very much more.It needs to be as popular as ice cream yet mostly unheard of..
Found in Garlic, and that is partly why garlic is such an effective anti viral—not expensive and easy to take. If you are worried about the smell on your breath then for some, chewing a bit of parsley removes it. And Brazil nuts and radish are also very high in selenium.

Cocoa is a good source of iron found to be deficient in flu cases.

A substance called Quercetin is found to inhibit the flu virus---best obtained in Onions-(raw not fried), guavas and strawberries.

Vitamin C increases the body resistance to viruses so guavas again, brussels sprouts, parsley and broccoli are amongst the best souces of vitamin C to include in the diet.
Oranges and lemons do not have such a high concentration as those.

Red chilli is so cool for flu.

Keeping it simple is the key. Flu is seasonal and yet it happens at anytime too. It’s a lively virus so is easily caught.
Avoid milk and milk products when you have the symptoms, they increase mucous production.

Echinacea may help to prevent Influenza and exerts anti-viral effects against Influenza Viruses (primarily by stimulating the production of Interferon Alpha and Interferon Beta which block the reproduction of some viruses).It has also been suggested to significantly reduce the symptoms of Influenza taken as a tea, capsule or tincture.

Yarrow is a wonderful herb and garden plant which is so beneficial for flu—taken like most herbs—one teaspoon dried (double the amount for fresh herb) to a cup of boiling water, strain and drink after 6 minutes.
We do a Flootea and tincture ,which is very potent.

With so many flu strains around it is difficult to medicate the many variants with one drug so many different orthodox drugs may have many different side effects. If you are taking any drugs/pills/medication it is always necessary to check for side effects.

So taking your cure into your own hands and accepting responsibility for your wellness empowers you.
Organic medication has little if any side effects, easily obtained at minimal cost and easy to take with a bit of self-discipline.
Get self-sufficient health wise, it is a trip worth taking.

Guidance with professional health practitioners from the naturopath, sangoma, dietician, alternative healer to a MD is an responsible course of action when dealing with any substance affecting your health.

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