Introduction to Sing Fefur for the first edition

Kitchenwise-Medicinal herbs in the kitchen

Streetwise-Herbs we see everyday in our garden and streets.

stage 1
An overview of different herbal realities focusing on the medicinal value of plants, indigenous herbs of South Africa and aspects of the herbal industry that affect the person in the street.

Sing Fefur Organic Herbs was started in 1977, when we saw the need for low cost herbal medicines. The market place was not very receptive in those days, yet the usefulness of our product is clear as we are still producing our organic mixtures almost 34 years later. The idea is still to produce the highest quality mixtures at the lowest cost for any comparative product on the market. Much has changed with the advent of too many drugs having side effects and being so expensive. This together with the cost of doctors has pushed people into looking for alternatives.

In order to ensure that the herbs that go into our mixtures are of the highest quality, we have always planted them ourselves and thus were sure of their freshness and their organic nature. The teas and herbal products are grown, dried, blended and packaged on the farm, so quality control and potency is guaranteed, and we are able to keep our prices low.

No sprays, pesticides, chemical fertilizers or preservatives are used throughout the entire process.
We farm in the ancient Takkap valley in McGregor, 25 kilometers from Robertson. The nearest city is Cape Town about 200km away.
The semi desert conditions and the mountainous terrain have kept industry away from this eco friendly environment. This pollution free area and climate produce a high potency herbal product.
Our herbs have been listed in accordance with the rules of the South African Medical and Dental Council and the National Department of Health.

Considering the speed of today's society, the trend today has shifted to herbs in convenient form such as powders, capsules, tablets, tinctures and teabags.
The heat generated in the processing of cutting the herb beyond a certain size does affects its strength and often lessens the potency of the herbs.
So most of our product range is loose tea with quite a big cut to keep the quality of the active ingredient strong. our other ranges are obtainable in teabag form and tinctures
Our product range is on our website at
Remember that it takes sometime to show the symptoms of the dis-ease you may have and the herbs will address the disease in the most appropriate way and in a time dictated by nature.
The feeling of well being after a short period will indicate the usefulness of the natural healing method. Changes in your eating pattern to a more healthy diet will greatly help the body to heal

Herbs have been used for thousands of years and have worked for that long .Herbal popularity is becoming such that the big pharmaceuticals have now put pressure on the various international political organizations they control through their huge financial resources to limit the availability of herbal medicines.Instead of herbs being freely available over the countr as they are now,
The idea is to classify herbs as drugs that can only be available through a doctors prescription.This is big business aS usual---wanting to control more profit from what God gave freely
Fortunately in South Africa we have a herbal culture thanks to the insight of the ancestors who mapped the use of herbs for their people so we will not be easily affected.
Two members of our staff are Inyangas,(traditional herbal healers), so honoured by the Council of Traditional Healers



Most of the herbs used in cooking have positive healing effects and are used in the making of herbal medicines as well as the flavouring added to dishes.

In this series which follows, we deal with the more common herbs and their medicinal values.

The ancient Greeks knew the use of thyme for sore throat, colds, coughs and chest problems---they also used it as an anti biotic and anti bacterial by pouring one cup of boiling water on one teaspoon of dried herb.If you are fortunate to have fresh thyme growing in the garden use 2 big twigs in boiling water.

Ok, so the Greeks did not have the current range of medical drugs for that purpose and to their credit they did not suffer the aftereffects and side effects from those drugs - thyme does not have any side effects and can also be used together with any medication.



Its anti fungal properties are useful in cases of athletes foot-soak feet in a mixture of 4 teaspoons to a liter of water

For a mouthwash used one teaspoon dried herbs in a cup of boiling water and gargle. You could do the same for sore throat and bad breath.
For dandruff try a stronger mixture and rub well into the scalp—keep the liquid in the fridge after using, it tend to go off if left in warmth.Three teaspoons to one cup of boiling water

A tea of caffeine free thyme is a great preventative for infections.One teaspoon to One cup of water.

Sometimes a cup of thyme tea will immediately alleviate stomach pains especially gas.
In general herbs are a natural healing agent and work at the pace that the body allows, it does not force healing just works with the body to rectify what’s amiss..
There are really no quick fixes when it comes to dis-ease—it probably takes the body sometime to show the symptoms of illness and to cure that properly though diet and herbs takes time too.

Ordinary medicine will alleviate the symptoms but does it effect a cure?

For more in depth details about thyme visit our website at  and go to herb pictures and information.



Walking along a road, especially unkempt roads of which there are many in SA, you may see a bit  of green peeping out at places---many of these are the “weeds that heal.”

Those weeds are so powerful that even a concrete covering does not hold them back-----like a good karate guy they can crack concrete—so consider what kind of strength do they have when applied to healing if they are so properly directed.

Imagine plantain grabbing your mucous stuff in your throat and getting rid of that sinusitis and cough with the same kind of strength that it karate chops cement—that is the kind of healing found in natures’ medicine kit and it is free if you recognize it.

plantain plantain

What is does to bronchitis is steady and slow and the chest will recover for a long time with no side effects. It works   with a slow acting, gentle triple whammy.

Some people respond immediately to herbal medication, others slower—as preventative medicine it works easily and generally has no side effects and conflicts with ordinary medicines.

 Our asthma and floo teas have liberal doses of plantain-----the CCC fighter—cough cold catarrh.

Because it has a strengthening effect on the mucous membrane, we add it to the ulcer and tummy tea.

 Often, we are hassled with a skin rash or bite of unknown origin---rub a bit of leaf on the sore place and relief follows.

When you are bitten by a bee, Quickfix-rub plantain leaf on the bite asap---good results for most people.


For the long term it is fun to watch for the street herbs—obviously they grow wild in the countryside and its unlikely that you would miss it once you have noted it.

Plantain has been used since early days---the old herbalists were using it during the Roman times at least 30BC---it has a long record of success---its lasted longer than any empire or corporation---the force is strong in that one.

A few leaves with boiling water gives a nice tea—draw for 10 minutes so it makes a strong drink—it does not taste too bad—has a minimal earthy taste and with lemon it has a pleasant taste.

For the skin and insect bites its easier to rub the leaf on the spot---

some of the ingredients have been found to be anti bacterial and anti inflammatory and gargling with a cold maceration of plantain soothes any oral and throat this case make a smoothie with the herb and gargle with that--heating kills the active substances aglycone and aucubigenin which have this effect.

Guidance with professional health practitioners from the naturopath, sangoma,dietician, alternative healer to MD is an responsible course of action with anything you take for your health.


Recipe for Colds Coughs Floo Bronchitis, Chest ailments,

1x wilde Als
1x Buchu
1x Horehound
1x Nettle
2x Plantain
1x Rue
1x Thyme

The herbs in this mixture are obtainable at any good health shop or pharmacy.
We do a ready made mixture, which is obtainable from our outlets.

If you have a problem getting the herbs contact us at and we will do our best to help you find them.