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An overview of different herbal realities focusing on the medicinal value of plants, indigenous herbs of South Africa and aspects of the herbal industry that affect the person in the street.
Since time does not allow most of us to read long newsletters, this newsletter will only deal with one herb at a time starting with the series kitchenwise and streetwise.


• Kitchen-wise-Medicinal herbs and plants in the kitchen
• Dementia--Some natural treatments.

Allium cepa


Only when the last tree has died and the last river been polluted and the last fish been caught will we realize that we cannot eat money. (American Indian Tribal Elder)

One of the actions of onion (usually tucked away in a corner of the kitchen) is to decrease blood clotting and that then lowers the risk of heart attacks and prevents thrombosis. This may sound naïve in its simplicity yet the old statement that food is your best medicine has meaning, which unfortunately today has been relegated to zilch status.


The high content of Sulphur in onions together with Adenosine break down the clumps of platelets, which clot in the blood causing thrombosis. Reaseach shows that there is considerable less risk of heart attacks while enjoying a regular intake of onions.


It is easy to ignore how the displays at the tills of supermarkets feature the junk foods that cause illness. Is that a reflection of an insane society promoting illness? Just how far the self destruct insanity has progressed is unclear but if you could imagine stacks of fruit and vegetables at the till points or a country where the politicians are highly regarded, a glimpse of the negative influence of advertising and public relations on the collective psyche can be seen.


Diabetes and hypertension is on the increase and the simple use of the onion may effectively lower the blood sugar level and decrease bad cholesterol.
Half a raw onion a day can work miracles. The active ingredients are Allyl Propyl Disulphide and quercitin.
Quercitin is a potent blood cleanser and anti cancer agent and the Allyl slows down the degrading of insulin.

The smell of onion, if offensive can be removed by chewing a minty leaf or eating a piece of bread.A bit of raw onion in a salad is not going to be a train smash even for a kugel type A.
Some spiritual/religious groups ban onions as it increases the sexual drive so that may be an incentive.


We need to take back to the home environment the power of self- healing---too much reliance on the quick action of pills and neglect of nature empowers the large conglomerates.
The role of the householder re health is to create the most nutritious food from what is available and in that way contribute to the health of the family.

Soon unless crazy unconstitutional law in South Africa is stopped the freely available vitamins and minerals and natural compounds and supplements will only be available through prescription and that will serve to enslave the population even further. If you have any interest in natural health it is imperative to go to this website worth checking out


High blood pressure is lowered due to the Prostaglandin E 1 content of onion—one of the rare foodstuffs that contain this hormone like substance.Really uptight--make an onion sandwich.
Prostaglandin E 1 has been well researched and may help in ailments affecting most systems including cardiovascular, the immune system (cancers), metabolism (diabetes) and the nervous system as a mood enhancers, and as a sexual stimulant.


Amongst other cancers it has been definitely shown that regular use of onion in the diet lowers the risk of breast cancer by 25%. The cancers that have been shown to benefit from a high onion diet include Ovarian, Prostrate, Brain, Colon, Oesophageal, Kidney, Lung, Pharyngeal Stomach and mouth.
Experiments in southern Europe showed that with an increased diet of the Allium family resulted in a marked lowering of the incidence of the common cancers.

In the digestive tract the flow of bile is increased and the effect on gallstones has been researched with very positive results.
Because onions lower the fatty acid content of the blood it also helps for slimming.


An onion a day keeps asthma away –even if you consider a medium sized onion as being an overdose and a threat to others sense of smell, the beneficial side effects outweigh the use of a drug based inhaler and it is worth having a salad  with that extra bit of onion to wean yourself away from the medically imposed prison of inhalers with side effects which is a relationship with few benefits.

Onion research indicates its anti bacterial effect against certain pathogenic organisms including Escherichia coli  (digestive system infections) and Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sobrinus (responsible for tooth decay).The active ingredient in the onion that works as an antibacterial is Diphenylamine.



Onion is also touted to remove mucous from the body but not much research has been done in that area. It may just be easier to use less milk products especially the watered down adulterated gunk called milk today and the mostly synthetic rubbish called cheese which looks and tastes like plastic. Margarine and substitute butters are non-foods and should be avoided as far as possible by using vegetable oils. It may be healthier and more economical by using a small paintbrush dipped in oil to paint on sandwiches. Coconut oil, if affordable is a good alternative.



Onion’s beneficial action with osteoporosis is due to its high quercitin content—it combats the action of osteoclasts, which remove “old” bone matter and leave spaces in the bone.

Some of the folklore use of onion, which has been used forever, is still valid. Mashed onion has been used forever for drawing toxins from boils.
Who could blame Cinderella and the Chinese Hakka ladies if they used a poultice of mashed onion applied daily to remove ingrown toenails.
Supposed to be a hair-restorer, mash onion or onion juice on the head would be cute for some, especially for our more hairless politicians.

It may be wise to treat the whole system rather than focus on a single organ or system. In this way mixtures of herbs may work more effectively than a single herb—some helping with elimination and detoxing. Our mixtures contain herbs, which do all that and fortify the mineral and vitamin supply hence providing a more complete healing process with no side effects.

The process of cutting a herb generates heat so the finer the cut of the herb so too does the potency diminish that little bit. So I recommend the rough tea cut rather than teabags even though it appears to be a mission to make in the rush rush everyday world.

Guidance with professional health practitioners from the naturopath, sangoma, dietician, alternative healer to a MD is an responsible course of action when dealing with any substance affecting your health.
For more in depth details about herbs visit < our website > or go to <<herb info and pictures page.>>



In the next newsletter we will deal with Stevia in the series called Streetwise - talking about medicinal properties of herbs found growing in the streets, garden and the wild.


Dementia is a chronic or persistent deterioration of intellectual function and cognitive skills due to organic brain disease severe enough to interfere with the ability to perform the activities of daily living.  Symptoms of Dementia are Memory loss, personality changes, lack of interest in personal care, impaired reasoning ability and disorientation.

It is promoted that once you attain 65 you are ready for dementia (if you buy into that belief) so prevention while you have the chance is better than the cure. Of course if you are a politician or corporate money head then the chances are you already suffer from the symptoms irrespective of age or amount of philanthropy or service to shareholders you practice – impaired reasoning ability is evident worldwide amongst such persons.

Some schools of diet suggest that carbohydrates may cause dementia-----foods like sugar and aspartame are indeed poisons. Why the government bans healthy supplements and herbs and allows lethal foodstuff to be sold openly is again the material greed of an immature brainwashed culture resulting in a society promoting illness. How soon will it be before you will need a license to bake a potato once the potato unpeeled is realized to be such a healthy food.

Acetylcholine (AC) is a neurotransmitter which decreases with age so enhancers of AC such as apples and coffee (in moderation helps prevent the degrading of AC ) are viable.

Dementia patients are low in beta-carotene so lots of fruit and salads. A simple preventative measure is a salad a day including onions and garlic and a bit of parsley and celery: It will perk you up even if you are in good condition. Herbs such As Gingko Biloba, Ginseng {Korean or Siberian}, Astragalus and St Johns wort are recommended. Memory enhancers such as Sage and Rosemary tea are helpful.

Research into Saffron and nutmeg has returned very positive results for their use in dementia.

Heavy metals such as mercury, aluminium, copper, lead and magnesium interfere with acetylcholine so watch what your dentist fills in those teeth.

Vasopressin is another type of hormone that improves long and short-term memory. it is obtainable in a synthetic form as a nasal spray, Desmopressin. Sadly the natural form is not easily available—it helps with creativity, learning and attention span.
Recreational drug such as dagga, cocaine amphetamine and LSD initially create a build up of Vasopressin hence the high but they do not replenish so Vasopressin levels are depleted.

Vitamin C D and E are dementia preventatives.
Docosahexaenoic Acid known as DHA is an omega 3 fatty acid which is very potent for all aspects of age related illness especially Dementias. Found in fish oils (salmon and sardine oil) in high amounts and fish should be eaten at least once a week 

Red wine in moderation may prevent dementia

Regular exercise is associated with a delay in onset of dementia and Alzheimer disease, further supporting its value for elderly persons

Long-term dehydration may be a cause of dementia so water may be a good preventative medicine.

AIDS and syphilis are also causes and to prevent the brain from being bleached, use a condom if not sure of your partner.

Many other foci of infection and parasites may be the cause of mental illness and should be considered by your practitioner in treatment.

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