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An overview of different herbal realities focusing on the medicinal value of plants, indigenous herbs of South Africa
and aspects of the herbal industry that affect the person in the street.
Since time does not allow most of us to read long newsletters, this newsletter will only deal with one herb at a time starting with the series kitchenwise and streetwise.


• Street-wise----Medicinal herbs growing wild and recognised as weeds in the streets, garden and the wild.(includes the oceans)
• Pancreas and hormones.

Brown seaweed
Alaria esculenta
Ascophyllum nodosum
(Bladderwrack (also known as: Black Tang; Cut Weed; Fucus; Kelpware; Sea Oak; Seawrack))
Laminaria (various species including Laminaria digitata)
Macrocystis (various species):
- Macrocystis pyrifera (Pacific Sea Kelp)
Nereocystis (various species)
Sargassum (various species)

Kelp grows in forests and. contains the nutrients available to it from the surrounding salt water---including 70 minerals 21 amino acids, vitamins and iodine. Iodine is the most important nutrient for the thyroid gland health.

An under active thyroid (Hypothyroidism) affects many systems and often the addition of iodine may normalize the activity of the thyroid.a goitre (enlargement of the thyroid gland) is often rectified by iodine therapy.
Kelp in its various forms such as powder, tablet and capsules are the easiest means of ingesting iodine.
The usual therapeutic dosage of Kelp is 500 - 9,000 mg (6 - 9 grams) per day.
One teaspoon of Kelp powder weighs 1,940 mg.

Lots of the kelp for medicinal purposes is grown in kelp farms to minimize contamination in the oceans.
The Pacific Ocean is home to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which also is known as the “World’s Largest Landfill,” according to the European Commission. An estimated 3.5 million tons of trash reside in this landfill that are the result of whirling currents in the Pacific Ocean that pull trash and pollution into the ocean. The landfill’s area is the size of Europe, or 3.45 million kilometres squared -- that’s a lot of trash. It says that all the leadership of the planet is short-sighted and unworthy of their positions.
The contamination from Fukushima is affecting the kelp forests along the California coast. Somewhere along the time line mankind chose to elect the wrong leaders to power and now after all that time they have the tools (technology) to destroy en mass and are certainly allowing their use.

The high content of magnesium, calcium and potassium in kelp supports the cardiovascular system –the minerals improve the integrity and permeability of the vessel walls resulting in regulating the blood pressure.
Some research indicates that heart arrhythmia and heart failure is associated with very low iodine levels.


The minerals in kelp benefit us by preventing muscle cramps and strengthening bones – the calcium and magnesium especially beneficial in osteoporosis.
Cholesterol absorption is decreased due to the plant hormones in kelp so prevention of plaque formation and clotting is resultant.

The lack of iodine affects the nervous system---depression is enhanced and learning impaired—regular kelp in diet may keep you cool and also give you added energy—If the thyroid is under active due to lack of iodine your metabolism slows down and poof goes the energy levels ---- similar to giving a minister a budget –most of it goes poof.
The high mineral and vitamin content in kelp promotes a healthy immune system and will keep many illnesses at bay.

One of the effects of hypothyroidism is putting on weight—the addition of kelp to the diet may result in weight loss. Kelp is rich in nutrients, low in calories and high in fibre. The high fibre aids in digestion and together with the Algin content (a carbohydrate that has laxative effects) relieves constipation.
Algin may also remove toxic heavy metals from the system

Fucoiden is a nutrient in kelp that has wonderful powers of healing-----a major strengthening of the immune system contributes to fighting HIV..
It may retard the growth of tumours and may inhibit the ability of some carcinogens to initiate Cancer—in research it has been found to prevent and treat Breast, Liver, Colon, Lung and Stomach cancers
Similarly Herpes virus infections have been treated with great results.
Fucoxanthin a caratenoid pigment in kelp may be effective in the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer.

Another example of poof is google---a comfort zone that has taken hold in most of our lives
--“Google it” is a phrase that has become inherent in language—to us google may be an extraordinary resource but as is obvious, it is also a company owned by a leadership that is oriented to profit and is that leadership worthy of its position to promote future human freedoms or will it become something unforeseen, for e g the use of antibiotics as a quick fix is leading to resistance to doses with increasing resistant strains with dire long-term consequences. We don’t have the leadership on the planet to regulate large-scale corporations---politicians aplenty, statesmen none!

The use of kelp in hair care products testifies to its use to keep hair healthy and beautiful looking. It is available as diet supplement capsules.
For revitalizing the skin, Kelp Skincare products are available and a kelp powder bath can promote a healthy skin—the abundant omegas and anti oxidants in kelp will see to that.
Kelp is also available in its food forms such as Wakame, Nori, Kombu, Arame and also in the sushi wrap.


When dealing with a breakdown in one aspect of the body health, it may be wise to treat the whole system rather than focus on a single organ or system. In this way mixtures of herbs may work more effectively than a single herb—some helping with elimination and detoxing.Our mixtures contain herbs, which do all that and fortify the mineral and vitamin supply hence providing a more complete healing process with no side effects.

The process of cutting a herb generates heat so the finer the cut of the herb so too does the potency diminish that little bit. So I recommend the rough tea cut rather than teabags even though it appears to be a mission to make in the rush rush everyday world.

Guidance with professional health practitioners from the naturopath, sangoma, dietician, alternative healer to a MD is an responsible course of action when dealing with any substance affecting your health.

For more in depth details about herbs visit <<our website >>or go to <<herbal pictures and information>>


These herb properties are directly connected to and derived from the forces of nature - if you want to call it Godhead, Greater hierarchy, Krishna, Yaveh, Allah, it does not matter—these are the forces that we can trust today. So treat the herbs with the respect due to a great natural force, never mind the ravings of a semi lunatic political, media force doing their best to undermine common sense.
Prevention is better than cure.

In the next newsletter we will write about bobbamisis in the series called Kitchenwise - talking about medicinal properties of the usual herbs and food found in the kitchen.

Pancrea and hormones--a very short overview

The pancreas is a large gland that lies alongside the stomach and the small bowel. It is about six inches (approximately 15 cm) long and is divided into the head, body and tail.


What does the pancreas do?
The pancreas carries out two important roles:
1. It makes digestive juices, which consist of powerful enzymes. These are released into the small bowel after meals to break down and digest food.

2. It makes hormones that control blood glucose levels.

The pancreas produces hormones in its ‘endocrine’ cells. These cells are gathered in clusters known as islets of Langerhans and monitor what is happening in the blood. They then can release hormones directly into the blood when necessary. In particular, they sense when sugar (glucose) levels in the blood rise.

Insulin:The most important hormone that the pancreas produces is Insulin. Insulin is released by the ‘beta cells’ in the islets of Langerhans in response to food. Its role is to lower glucose levels in the bloodstream and promote the storage of glucose in fat, muscle, liver and other body tissues.

Glucagen :‘Alpha cells’ in the islets of Langerhans produce another important hormone, glucagon. This has the opposite effect to insulin, by helping release energy into the bloodstream from where it is stored, thus raising blood sugar levels. Therefore, glucagon and insulin work in tandem to control the balance of glucose in the bloodstream.

Gastrin: is a hormone that aids digestion by stimulating certain cells in the stomach to produce acid.

Somatostatin: When levels of other pancreatic hormones, such as insulin and glucagon, get too high, somatostatin is secreted to maintain a balance of glucose and/or salt in the blood.

Vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP): This hormone helps control water secretion and absorption from the intestines by stimulating the intestinal cells to release water and salts into the intestines.

Diseases and Disorders of the Pancreas
Problems in the production or regulation of pancreatic hormones will cause complications related to blood sugar imbalance.

Of all the diseases and disorders of the pancreas, the most well-known is Diabetes (see <<<<<<Other Newsletters>>>>>> for further information)
Some herbs that help the pancreas
Cascara sagrada
Olive leaf
Licorice root

The ideas reflected in these newsletters are based on and depend on free speech being still available in South Africa.

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