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Organic Fungicides


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All purpose Preventative spray

Take handfuls of nettle, comfrey, yarrow, horsetail, dandelion and cover with water. When the water is a weak tea colour spray on plants

Add more water to the mix and use again when strong enough.
After the mix is used then use remnant herbs for a mulch.

Bordeaux mixture

·        Use within 1 hour of making


  1. 90 gms Copper sulphate fine crystals---bluestone

  2. 125gms Calcium hydroxide. Use builders lime not agricultural lime. 
    This must be from an unopened bag because when exposed to air it becomes carbonated and could be dangerous to plants.


  1. Mix 90 g copper sulphate  with 6.5 liters cold water—Use a non metal container. 

    It must be thoroughly mixed otherwise it will not stick to the plants.

  2. 125gm calcium hydroxide in 2.5 liters cold water

If either liquid is lumpy then strain , it may block the spray nozzle.

 Mix the 2 together and stir well.


To check if ok;
Test with an old nail—dip in the mixture for 30 seconds. 
If it comes out blue, add more lime or more mixing to dissolve the lime. 
Use only once the test is ok.

For large scale orchards use 1kg copper sulphate and 750gm lime to 100 liters water


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