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Planetary Influence.


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when the liver is low you feel sluggish and slow

Rules the heart, circulation, and the vertebral column.


Plants that appeared solar or followed the sun.

 Plants that were heat producing and all those having a tonic effect on the heart.


Calendula and Sunflower Heliotrope

Clove and Red Pepper



 To some extent, the entire plant world was subject to the Moon, as harvesting and planting was performed in accordance with the lunar phases.

Influence growth, fertility, the breasts, stomach, womb, and menstrual cycle

 Exerted control over the brain and the memory

 All body fluids and secretions were believed to be under the lunar sway.


Especially lunar were those     plants with  a diaphoretic action, or with juicy globular fruits

Moisturizing, cooling, or soothing juices.


Lemon, cucumber,



Ruled the nervous system, and the organs of speech, hearing, and respiration


The smell was usually sharp and distinctive. The most typical of Mercury's plants had a mood elevating, slightly tonic effect. Finely divided leaves such as fennel, dill, and carrot
The medicinal effects were commonly emollient, anti-nephritic, and alterative.

Ruled the complexion, the sexual organs, and the hidden inner workings of the body cells


Bore heavily scented, showy blossoms aphrodisiac Damascus Rose Apple Blossom


health has to be earned.

Ruled the muscles, body vitality, and the libido influence in the combustion processes of the body and the motor nerves

 Plants generally affected the blood, and were stimulating, and in many cases aphrodisiac


Hot and acrid in their nature Nettle, basil, chillipepper.

Ruled the liver, the abdomen, the spleen, and the kidney

Digestion was governed by this planet as was body growth


Most of Jupiter's plants are edible many bearing nuts or fruit

 Its medicinal traits are antispasmodic, calmative, hepatic, and antihelminthetic


Chestnut and the apricot
SATURN Ruled over aging, the bone structure, teeth, and all hardening processes

Many of its plants are poisonous

 Sedative, pain relieving, coagulant, or bone-forming


Hemlock and Belladonna
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