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Witblits Tinctures.



Herbalists , throughout the centuries , have made tinctures from herbs and alcohol.
The alcohol draws the essences of the herbs out and preserves it.
This was used in the home and for long journeys  because of its long life and convenience.Today the same is done with many medicines and potions and the mixtures are blended with different mediums to give you medicines as varied as cough mixtures to arthritic salves.

beauty in the mountains

nerve tonic

Of the myriad gratitudes, that of the healing gift of mother nature,  is paramount.

The witblits preparations available are:
1. ARTHRIBLITS for arthritic related conditions.
2. CHESTIBLITS for coughs, colds, flu.
3.CHOLESTEROLBLITS for blood pressure,cholesterol related conditions.
4. RELAXIBLITS for stress related conditions.
5. STOMACHBLITS for stomach problems.
6. TONIC BLITS for vooma and energy.


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