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 Basic facts that you need to know

1.We have a minimum order quantity of 10 items.

  • The herbs have a shelf life of at least 2 years so there is not much chance of them going off. Keep them in a dark place as light leeches the goodness out. Best in a closed jar so they will not get water and moisture which will cause the herbs to rot. Mark the bottle as you will forget which herbs are in which bottle and you dont want to use the wrong mixture because a tea for heartburn may not work on a headache.

.2. If you need a price list to see the range of teas.

  • Request a list or go to our website and search under prices. The list we send by e mail is an excel sheet with many pages. Navigation of the different pages is by the tabs at the bottom of the page--each tab is marked with a different range.

3. Send us an email with your order or enquiry

  • We will send you a pro forma invoice with our details including our bank details only when we have your complete order.
    Chopping and changing orders is a hassle as we make up the orders and pack them once we receive your order. Some people place an order and we go to the trouble of setting up the invoice and order and never hear from them again--that is not nice so if you just want to find something out then say so and we will do our best to help--please keep your games to those who are happy to play them like government departments and call centers.

4. Means of payment is by EFT or deposit into our account before we send out the order.

  • No, we dont have card facilities-no visa or mastercard or paypal. If you are really brave you can send cash or a cheque in the post but we would not recommend that as the post office is no longer trustworthy with anything that looks valuable.


5 On confirmation of payment, we will post your order.

  • Orders are posted with 2 days of confirmation and we will send you a tracking number just in case it is needed.Usually the postal service is good when it comes to herbs. If there is a delay, we can't be responsible for the lack of service of the postman. He or she may have a bike puncture.

    Thanking you for going the herbal way, the way of the past and the future.We are passionate about our herbs and farming them and put lots of good energy into our mixtures and trust you feel the benefit of natures gift.